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Assisted Living Sales and Marketing: Best Practices for Your Business!

Assisted Living Sales and Marketing

When it comes to assisted living sales and marketing, semantics matters! While it may not seem like a big deal to use jargon and phrases that sound the same, certain verbiage works best to convey a sense of expertise and professionalism. Senior Living Marketers are here to help you position your marketing materials in a positive and welcoming manner.

As you’re crafting materials for assisted living sales and marketing to be used across various platforms, it’s important to be mindful of the language you’re using. When an older adult makes the decision to transition into assisted living, feelings of nervousness and uncertainty can arise. In order to display your high level of understanding as a marketer, take a look at this quick guide for the best practices to keep in mind.

  • Instead of “People” or “Them” try “Our Residents”

  • Instead of only using “Seniors” or “Elderly” try “Older Adults”

  • Instead of “Facility or Center” try “Community”

  • Instead of “Alzheimer’s” consider using “Memory Care”

  • Instead of using “Room” try “Apartment” or “Suite”

  • Instead of “Locked Unit” use “Safe & Secure Community”

  • Instead of “New Home” try “New Neighborhood”

  • Instead of saying “Nursing Home” try “Healthcare Community”

  • Instead of using “Patient” use “Member” or “Resident”

  • Instead of promoting an “Appointment” try a “Tour” or “Visit”

Why does this matter?

Imagine your parent or loved one making the decision to uproot their life and move into an assisted living community. Would you want them to experience language that makes them feel trapped or stuck? Rephrasing certain aspects of assisted living, such as using terms like “senior living community” instead of “elderly facility,” helps explain the benefits of a collaborative senior lifestyle to potential residents. While it will never feel exactly like home, it will be a wonderful new chapter in a community filled with like-minded residents who experience life together.

Tips for your Tone

Families of older adults residing in a senior living community want to know that their loved ones will be constantly cared for, but not overly monitored. There’s a difference between paying attention and surveillance; when you’re crafting your marketing materials, ensure that you’re using language that’s less “Truman Show” and more “we’re here if and when you need us.” 

Your tone across your assisted living sales and marketing platforms should always remain warm and welcoming, and never condescending or fear-based. The psyche of your readers, or viewers, is something to always keep in mind. A frowning resident in a photo, or an unintentionally intense statement can potentially scare perspective leads away. Take the time to create a unique voice for your community, while always keeping your audience in mind. Because now, with the advances in social media platforms and digital marketing, younger and younger generations are the ones paying attention to advertising for their loved ones.

Above all, it’s important to convey your understanding that moving into a senior residence does not mean sacrificing independence. Implement messaging that highlights the benefits of a senior community, like group activities and outings. Speak to how residents within your community will enjoy new experiences with their surrounding neighbors! Assisted living sales and marketing is all about affirming your knowledge and compassion surrounding the industry. To stand out above the rest, your confidence in your marketing materials relies on choosing the right messaging.

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